YouTube Experiment Week 4: old man cereal

Another exciting installment! This time I’m pretty sure I go too far. I chat about the fun of online dating sites and a shocking discovery about my cereal.

25 comments to YouTube Experiment Week 4: old man cereal

  • phytoalexa

    Gargamel is hardly Pygmalion. Pfft, I’ll take an Irish atheist over an emo American any day.
    I should really go to bed now >.>

  • DigiWax

    Nu uh! Smurfette was made by Gargamel to infiltrate and destroy the smurfs! Dylan Moran is wrong. Donnie Darko is right ;D

  • phytoalexa

    You lie! There’s Smurfette and besides, Dylan Moran says you can. Ergo, ’tis possible :P

  • DigiWax

    i am doctor who

  • DigiWax

    Surf are asexual! I couldn’t fellate one if I wanted to. I’ve moved on to even older man cereal. I feel old.

  • phytoalexa

    Well, look at it this way, if you keep eating that cereal, you’ll never have to use that ‘constipated’ emoticon.

    Hmmm, I think I’d like to see you choke a Smurf just for verification purposes… possibly even fellate said Smurf. Ahh, smurfs.

  • JaymeNoordermeer

    you look like doctor who

  • egbandgeek93

    you eat old people stuff…so what? GO YOU!!

  • sexysimm

    haaa its so true

  • ElloDucky16

    *So these ‘ugly socially retarted freaks’ go on to find other ‘ugly socially retarted freaks’to spend the rest of thier life with and make babies*

  • butterflyglimmer

    the cereal thing is hilarious, lmbo!
    I think I would a little dismayed if I saw old people on the back of my cereal box too, then again, I like plain Cheerios. Well, if you like it then maybe you’ll live to be that old, lol.

  • tinkerbelle8

    Haha, funny

  • pleasegivemethisone

    lol dude this crap is hilarious. you handled the cereal thing very well. i can imagine if i found out my favorite cereal was old person cereal i would probably be on the verge of some sort of mental breakdown,that would probably require some intensive therapy. that would cost a lot.

  • Slipstream2000

    lol, another top effort!

  • callamanster

    LOL i wanna b on u

  • casper0012

    Wow Dude.. Where do u come up with this stuff? socially-retarded ugly ppl… llmfao

  • Aoife303

    lol, that online dating segment reminded me of when I was like 13 and very bored and I use to hang out on dating sites with a faked up portfolio… there were some real weirdos on there. Mind you… the 13 girl having shits and giggles probably counts as a weirdo (though it proves desperate people will believe anything… I used a real photo and not once was my age questioned)

  • callamanster

    Im ur 900th viewer on this Vid

  • LilLyon

    I LAUGH AT ONLINE DATING SITES. My guy-friend was bored and he said he went on to that really famous one.. uh,… and said that, yea.. they’re basically a bunch of sluts or pedophiles, or people with pychological issues that may kill you. Lol.

    xD You’re too entertaining.

  • DigiWax

    Sometimes I go too far, and sometimes, i don’t know how far too far is, thankfully this was one such occasion.

  • DigiWax

    Indeed it is, which is why I try and break my show up into lots of tiny segments. I agree, 10 minutes is a long time, considering people attention spans these days.

  • hannahruth0

    I guffawed out loud when you did the hitler thing! LMAO!!!

  • Theologicophobic

    Either your randomness is getting more interesting or I need a break. You have your acting/expressiveness going for you (Anchorman was very neatly done!), and you don’t lack for (random) creativity, but 10 minutes is a long time to demand off someone’s life.

  • DigiWax

    Go for it mate ;)

  • DigiWax

    maybe so…maybe so

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