Can It Be Possible That Have An Relationship With A Girl I Know From Youtube ?

I have saw this girl who is an singer on youtube, she is a vietnamese – american girl who lives in the unites states and is currently about 16 years old, i’m 18 years old and about to turn 19 in october this year. I’m also 100 % vietnamese myself. She is really beautiful and […]

Need Advice And Opinion In This Relationship?

I Met Larisa June of 2008 online. We chatted through Yahoo for many hours. Very soon we both stopped accepting correspondence from other people. I fell in love with her very quickly. I was surprised how quickly!! She had magic way with me!
We both took our profiles off […]

I Need Some Serious Relationship Advice On This On?

I dated this guy in highschool and broke up with him to be w/ the guy I’m currently w/ & have been w/ for 7 years. Recently me and this guy started talking again via internet and sometimes on the phone. He is deployed to iraq and has been married for 3 years. We talked […]

Need Some Relationship Advice?

Yesterday, I went out on this date with this guy that I met some time ago. We were not really ever friends until he saw my profile on this hook up site and he asked me out. We had sex but he is not looking for a girlfriend. The best sex of my life. I […]

Relationship Advice Needed – Help!?

My problem is my parents hate my boyfriend. My parents and I are close and I respect thier opinions. My boyfriend and I are in our early 30’s. They cannont stand my boyfriend because they claim he is “not good enough for me, ugly, lower class and bad mannered”. A couple of […]

Relationship Advice Please?

I don’t normally do this for relationship advice but…anyhow…I’ve known my current b/f for 2.5 years and we were friends up until May of this year we decided to date and see where our relationship goes. Trying to explain this without writing a book here it goes….He does not really call all that much but […]

Relationship Advice Needed.?

First of all, I am asking this here for 2 reasons. 1) I’m a little conflicted and not trusting my judgement. 2) I’d like to hear ideas & input from you guys – totally uninterested, unbiased, mature opinions & ideas.
I am pretty sure the relationship I am in is about to end. We met […]

Need Advice On My Relationship Of 8 Months?

i need some advice on my relationship of 8 months. my girlfriend has been on a swinger’s website, i was ok with it because i didn’t know it was a social networking website until i looked into it. im not a swinger and she says she isnt but her friends are. she […]

Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend Question? Plz Read It All I Know Its Alot But I Need To Know And Get Advice!!?

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”
Would you let go, would you fight for it, or would the person you love wouldn’t leave you in the first place? Or what would you do?
Me i choose fight, […]

Is It Okay To Update Your On-line Dating Profile When You Are In A Relationship?

I just ended a relationship recently because I found out the guy I was dating would be open to meeting someone new and ending our relationship if he found someone more compatible – in fact – he even changed his profile while we were involved in a relationship. We had […]